Welcome to learn, practice and develop your Art of Hosting at Obenaus!
Find here resources and all the details for Hosting trainings here in South Styria, in the center of Europe.

Explore what we create invisibly – beyond methodologies and tools – to host spaces of power and possibility.
This is not an ordinary training. It is a conscious space to expand our inner hosting – by un-learning as much as learning, and growing the ‘art part’ of the Art of Hosting and Harvesting Conversations That Matter.
In Obenaus from 10-15 August 2018

Inspired by the hosting of the Next Stage World Gatherings, we will explore how the Art of Hosting is best in service for the next-stage of organizations that are growing up all over the planet.
In Obenaus from 12-15 July 2018

Learn to learn like Socrates. Reflect upon your actions and prepare new actions. In just two days you learn how you set up Action Learning Circles, to lead and and guide them. Acton Learning is probably the most effective and among the fastest methods to deal with wicked or unsolvable issues and problems in small groups. And it’s funny, too.
In Obenaus from 30-31 July (2 days).

Circle spirit and form in many applications.
In this training, we will explore what makes circle dialogues so powerful and exchange circle practices, questions, and new horizons that we see opening.
We therefore invite both newcomers to circle practice as well as experienced circle hosts.
In Obenaus from 28 August – 2 September 2018

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