These stewards of the Art of Hosting and Circle come together in Obenaus. 

All Art of Hosting trainings in Obenaus are organised by the Obenaus Community, a registered association.

Lena Maria Jacobsson

Lena Maria Jacobsson is a natural host. She has used her skills ever since she started working in the hospitality sector during her secondary school years in Sweden. After school she traveled the world and worked in various countries: the US, Israel, Spain, Portugal, Belgium and now Austria.

She worked for 15 years at the European Commission in Brussels. She  studied Social and Organisati­o­nal Psychology. As in-house consultant at the European Commission she focused on management and leadership development to enhance organisational and personal effectiveness, and wellbeing. Shortly after participating in a Peer Spirit Circle training with Ann Linnea and Christina Baldwin and an Art of Hosting training she co-pioneered these practices including process consulting in the overall European Commission organisation.

In 2012 she co-founded Obenaus community farm where we explore how to live in a healthy way, in a sustainable way, with nature, while being connected to ourselves and the world. Circle and Art of Hosting practice is the operating system of Obenaus where Open space comes natural and sitting in circle is a daily practice. Here we gather, live and learn with the local and  global community, while many circles are held on-line. Next to bio farming, Lena continues to host systemic constellation work with Rainer and contributes with different hosting teams to spread the practices of Art of Hosting.

Marjeta Novak

Marjeta Novak is an Art of Hosting national steward, IAF-certified professional facilitator and Circle carrier who applies strategic conversations to a number of settings – from community to business to public sector to education and NGOs. In doing so, she combines a variety of approaches: circle/council as a blueprint for meeting in wholeness; hosting and facilitation; nonviolent communication; embodied centeredness; contemporary rites of passage (School of Lost Borders tradition); shamanic practice in the lineage of the Foundation of Shamanic Studies.

Marjeta is based in her native Slovenia. More about Marjeta.

Rainer von Leoprechting

Rainer is originally from Germany. Inspired by Jean Monnet’s practice he was active within the European Commission from 1994-2012. After many different functions in management and strategy, he founded the in-house consulting service which he lead until January 2012. In these years he introduced participatory and innovative methods like the Art of Participatory Leadership or Action Learning into the workings of the European institutions. Rainer is one of the inventors of the pro action café that has become one of the core processes widely shared within the Art of Hosting community.

Rainer’s interventions combine many methods, like the full palette of Art of Hosting practices, Systemic Constellation Work, Action Learning, or process consultation à la Ed Schein and Peter Block.

Together with his wife Lena he moved to Ehrenhausen in Austria in 2012 and started the Obenaus Community a place where people reconnect with their inner and outside nature.

More about Rainer here.

Maud Raber


A seasoned French Art of Hosting host, facilitator, somatic coach, and Holacracy practitioner, Maud combines rich experience at the crossroads of collective intelligence and the next stage of organising.

She trains and mentors facilitors and coaches to develop their ease with subtle, complex systemic hosting, intuition and whole-person development.

A purpose agent at Next Stage World, the gathering of pioneers of organisations’ reinvention, Maud co-founded Next Stage Work, a learning and development space for navigating self-management and the next stage of organizing with more ease.

In her interventions in private and public organizations in the last 13 years, she has been extensively practicing :

  • participatory leadership processes (the whole AoH palette e.g. Circle, Open Space, World Café, Pro-Action Café), Action Learning, Professional Co-development,
  • self-management processes, incl. Holacracy (which she actively facilitates in 2 international organisations)
  • systemics, systemic clarification processes (e.g. systemic constellations certified facilitator)
  • whole-person adult development processes (Comprehensive Developmental Framework – Otto Laske, Global Leadership Profile and Action Inquiry – Bill Torbert)
  • certified somatic facilitator and coach of various embodiment approaches : Leadership Embodiment (Wendy Palmer), Being in Movement (Paul Linden), Embodied Facilitator, Focusing (Levels 1 & 2), NonViolent Communication,Embodied Yoga Principles, mindfulness meditation. 

Member of the European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC), the Association of Integrative Coach-Therapist professionals (AICTP) and of the International Association of Facilitators (IAF). 

Maud lives at the Obenaus Community Farm a place where people reconnect with their inner and outside nature.

More about Maud here

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