The Art of Hosting with Next Stage Organizing

The Art of Hosting with Next Stage Organizing

Event Phone: +436801327177

  • 13/July/2018 - 15/July/2018
    09:00 - 17:00

What we will train and practice:

  • The principles of the Art of Hosting and Harvesting Conversations that Matter
  • Meeting in and holding Circle, world café, pro action café, Open Space
    Many more formats and processes in function of your needs and learning desires
  • Being together in an intentional community – hosted by Obenaus
  • Living in tune with Human Nature and the Earth.

What will we explore:

  • How to be and work together in an organisation, where the whole Self is engaged, the work inspired by an evolutionary purpose and organized directly by the people doing it?
  • How to be productive in such an environment?
  • How do we best meet in and around such organizations?
  • What is the best contribution from Art of Hosting into the “operating systems” of self managed organizations?
  • How does the four-fold practice of the Art of Hosting unfold the development of the practitioners and the practice?
  • What is the next stage of Art of Hosting as a consequence?

Be welcome to join with your own question!!


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Ewitsch 2, Obenaus, Ehrenhausen, Steiermark, 8461, Austria

  Obenaus is a place, where a community hosts itself in circle and many other round forms. Be welcome here by Nature and all living beings that have their home here.  

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