These stewards of Art of Hosting, Next Stage Organizing or Permaculture Design come together in Obenaus. 

All trainings in Obenaus are organised by the Obenaus Community, an association registered in Austria at ZVR 284230264.

Jackie Thoms


Jackie brings powerful intuition and clarity as an organisational consultant and executive coach. Trained in Holacracy, Organisational Relationships and Systems Coaching, Theory U, Spiral Dynamics, and co-creator of Making Teal Real, Jackie is committed to bringing attention and care to the health of client systems in alignment with the emerging future. On a journey herself of conscious and awake living and working, some of her most profound learnings and insights come from day-to-day challenges, as well as the joys of motherhood.


Rakesh Rootsman Rak

An experienced Permacultre designer teacher, forest garden specialist, yoga teacher, homeopath and reggae DJ.

Rakesh has been designing and teaching permaculture to individuals and communities since 2009, and has taught over 200 permaculture, forest gardening, eco village design and related courses. His design portfolio ranges from large scale forest gardens in eco villages through to many urban community food growing gardens, private farms and back gardens as well as designing collaborative businesses, urban water retention systems and even computer software and documentation systems. Rakesh is also passionate about building communities, and the social side of permaculture, hence using sociocracy, dragon dreaming and other great tools and processes to create strong social bonds with clear ideas of how to creatively meet your needs in a project or community.

He is also passionate about sharing his journey of self empowerment (learning how to make all the things you need for yourself rather than relying on the system to provide for you), this includes eco architecture (low impact housing); capturing and storing energy (electricity, heat, lighting, etc); fuel efficient heating systems (rocket heaters and stoves); water capture, purification and recycling systems, natural bee keeping and so on.

He is one of the founders of the Children in Permaculture project (CiP), and is also one of the founders of the Youth in Permaculture (YiP) project. So be prepared to go off on inspirational tangents occasionally.

Rainer von Leoprechting


Rainer is originally from Germany. Inspired by Jean Monnet’s practice he was active within the European Commission from 1994-2012. After many different functions in management and strategy, he founded the in-house consulting service which he lead until January 2012. In these years he introduced participatory and innovative methods like the Art of Participatory Leadership or Action Learning into the workings of the European institutions. Rainer is one of the inventors of the pro action café that has become one of the core processes widely shared within the Art of Hosting community.

Rainer’s interventions combine many methods, like the full palette of Art of Hosting practices, Systemic Constellation Work, Action Learning, or process consultation à la Ed Schein and Peter Block.

Together with his patchwork family he moved to Ehrenhausen in Austria in 2012 and started the Obenaus Community a place where people reconnect with their inner and outside nature.

More about Rainer here.

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