The Art of Hosting with Next Stage Organizing

How is the Art of Hosting best in service for the next-stage of organizations that are growing up all over the planet?

Hosting: Rainer v. Leoprechting, Jackie Thoms and other experienced Art of Hosting or Next Stage Organizing stewards

Content: all participants with questions and insights

Learning: Practice your facilitation towards hosting. Find your own place in the unfolding of the practices. What new organizational structures and process need. 

Dates: 11-14 August 2020 in Obenaus


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What we will train and practice:

  • The principles of the Art of Hosting and Harvesting Conversations that Matter
  • Meeting in and holding Circle, world café, pro action café, Open Space
    Many more formats and processes in function of your needs and learning desires
  • Being together in an intentional community – hosted by Obenaus
  • Living in tune with Human Nature and the Earth.

What will we explore:

  • How to be and work together in an organisation, where the whole Self is engaged, the work inspired by an evolutionary purpose and the work organized directly by the people doing it?
  • Who do we need to be to be productive in such an environment?
  • How do we best meet in and around such organizations?
  • What is the best contribution from Art of Hosting into the “operating systems” of next-stage organizations?
  • How does the four-fold practice of the Art of Hosting unfold the development of the practitioners and the practice?
  • What is the next stage of Art of Hosting as a consequence?

Be welcome to join with your own question!!

Contacting Next Stage Hosting

The first full day of this seminar will bring the Art of Hosting and Next Stage Organizing principles together. The four-fold hosting practice in four stages of maturity, from apprentice to artistry in all its dimensions. The value of an observatory as the fifth practice.
The guiding principles of evolutionary purpose, self-management and wholeness in Next Stage Organizing.
What all that means in your contexts. Working with your specific situations.

Getting out of The Way

Leadership in Next Stage is all about getting out of the way of those many capable people doing good work.

Removing obstacles for contact and collaboration. Out of the way, leading from behind. What is your own post-heroic leadership and hosting style?

A day of practice opportunities, while getting good work done.

Wholeness in the Centre

What is hosting Wholeness? 

Next Stage organizations emphasize Wholeness in many dimensions. Their purpose is explicit and gives meaning to the work of people engaging with them.
People working in Next Stage organizations are seen and respected as full human beings. With their self-determination. Their own purpose in life and work. Their families. With their spirituality and as co-inspiring partners.
In this last day of our exploration, all of Hosting and Organizing comes together, prompted by your projects and settings in your work.