The Art of Hosting and Harvesting integral conversations that matter


Growing up the practice of meetings, conferences, gatherings and all types of conversations. Be with each other at the level of your consciousness and even a little beyond.

How can we make this possible?

Be welcome to discover the Art of Hosting integral. When facilitation and organization makes way for full participation of all participants. When hosting conversations is making space for what truly matters. When evolution herself becomes a co-host.

This three-day training and workshop will throw you into the deep water of practice as of the first day. Learn to host yourself, to participate, to host and to unlearn and learn meaningful conversation and harvesting practices.

Day 1: Contacting evolution in conversations

Day 2: Practice to get out of the way

Day 3: Wholeness at work

This training and workshop is hosted by George Pór, Rainer v. Leoprechting, Maud Raber, Mathias Weitbrecht and more leading practitioners of the Art of integral Hosting are coming.
Co-energized and organized with Aftab Omer and the Meridian University (California) in Berlin!

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